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Shear Cutting machines

Direct drive mechanical shearing machine : SRGM series
sheet metal shear
  • guillotine shear with fully welded metal plate frame to reduce flex and ensure accuracy
  • Adjustable 30” backgauge ensures precise repeatability in this mechanical shear
  • Front support arms and table guides keep the material square to the blade.
  • hold-downs clamp the sheet solidly to the table, eliminating material lifting and improving blade life.
  • motorised NC back gauge (standard on 4mm models and optional on 3mm models)
  • sheet metal guillotine Blades have 2 shearing edges, so you can turn them when an edge gets dull to extend blade life and save money.
NC mechanical shear cutting<br />
Pneumatic metal shears : PPS
metal shears
  • this pneumatic shear will last for many years. It’s perfect for schools and shops cutting 17 gauge mild steel or lighter.
  • heavy casted frame steel shear
  • this guillotine metal cutter Requires only compressed air between 90 and 115 psi.* No electrical power needed.
  • this plate shearing machine Can cut at 20 strokes per minute for high production.
  • High-chromium carbon blades have multiple cutting surfaces for extended life between re-sharpening.
  • Oilers make maintenance easy and allow you to keep the machine running smoothly with less friction.
  • Working table offers integrated squaring stops with scale.
  • Includes front and back material supports as well as side guide.
  • Manual  backgauge help you easily make repeatable cuts.
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Hand shearing machine :DKM-CKM-KMW-KM-HM
sheet metal cutters
  • this hand shear cutting machine is Great for small-to-medium shops or schools
  • The rigid frame ensures many years of accurate cutting
  • Available in both casted and steel welded frame
  • Integrated backstop allows you to easily make repeatable cuts.
  • to get hand shearing machine price contact us now!
NC mechanical shear cutting<br />
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