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Rebar bender and cutter - Stirrup bender

Rebar bender - Stirrup Bender : B & BS series
rebar bender
  • programmable PLC controlled rebar bender
  • BS series rebar bending machine comes with double bending blocks
  • adjustable bar bending angle by switch and pins
  • turning left and right controlled manually or automatically.
  • Stirrup bending by machine's standard accessories.
  • Optional stirrup bending attachment for mass production of stirrups (bundle bending)
  • Optional Spiral stirrup bending attachment
  • 1100 pcs. of rebar can be bent in 8 hours by this rod bending machine
  • variable 3 speed in MG62 new generation
  • to learn bar bending machine price contact us now
  • 600 Volt - 3 phase
  • CSA approved
rebar bender GMS B 45x1<br />
Portable bar bender : MG & BT series
portable rebar bender
MG20S - BT 24x5
  • mechanical portable bar bender
  • this portable rebar bender is especially designed for small construction works and it's very light
  • stirrup bending feature
  • programmable bending angle thanks to PLC system
  • foldable stand for easy transportation (MG20S)
  • adjustable bending angle by switch and pins
  • turning left and right controlled manually or automatically in this portable rebar bending machine
  • In compliance with CE regulations
  • dual voltage : 110 volt and 220 volt - single phase
  • CSA approved
portable rebar bender for starter bars A32 <br />
2 in 1 rebar bending cutting machine
combined bar bender and bar cutter
MAX 40
  • 3 different angles adjustable by electronic system
  • programmable PLC for stirrup bending
  • On-demand hydraulics save energy
  • different types of bending (like stirrup, spiral bending) are possible by installing optional bending apparatus on the machine
2 in 1 rebar bender and rebar cutter GMS MAX 40 <br />
Spiral rebar bender : SX series
spiral rebar bender
rebar helical bender SX 36<br />
Hydraulic rebar cutter
rebar cutter
H series with hand lever
  • single acting hydraulic bar cutter with spring return system
  • easy transportation thanks to cast iron wheels
  • this bar cutting machine is suitable for construction sites thanks to their durable structures against dust and heavy work.
  • low power consumption rod cutting machine
  • possibility to cut in low pressure
  • silent, safe and environment friendly.
  • joystick type hydraulic valve is comfortable; it requires less maintenance and have a long life.
  • 600 volt - 3phase
  • CSA approved

Portable rebar cutter : POWER 24,  MG22H , MG20H, AC32

SH series with Foot Pedal
  • 600 volt - 3phase
  • CSA approved

hydraulic rebar cutter SH42 <br />
Mesh Bender and cutter
mesh cutter
HB 12 and HB 12 X6 (Mesh Bender)
  • Hydraulic mesh bending machine
  • Control system is electrical and can be controlled both automatically and manually.
  • HB 12 model can bend 1/2" diameter mesh bar in 10' length and HB 12 X 6 model can bend 1/2" diameter mesh bar in 20' length.
  • mesh bending up to 135 degrees
  • 3 different bending angles can be adjusted

MH 8 B (Mesh Bender)
  • Mechanical mesh bender
  • foldable mesh infeed table
  • Minimum distance between bends: 2"
  • maximum 40 bar lines can be bent
  • automatic or manuall digital control
  • bend counter
  • bending angle 0 to 135°
  • bending 3 different angles in a single workpiece
  • apart from rectangular and polygonal pieces, non-geometrical pieces can also be bent swiftly

MH 8 C (Mesh Cutter)

Automatic rebar double bender : SYNCLONE 45S
dual head rod bending machine
  • accurate measurement
  • hydraulic unit & servo feeder system
  • touch screen control panel
  • ROBOBENDER offers high efficiency & user friendly solutions to reduce costs of steel factories
dual head automatic rebar bender ROBOBENDER 45 S<br />
automatic bar shearing line : MATRIX 45
bar cutter
bar cutting line MATRIX 45S<br />
GMS introduction video
bar decoiler, straightener and cutting line STRAIGHT 12<br />
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