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Press Brake

CNC hydraulic press brakes
  • CNC press brake Model A features a 6"-8" stroke and a 10" throat, equipped with an ESA 625 2D graphical interface controller and 3 Axes Configuration.
  • CNC press brake Model B boasts a 10" stroke and a 16" throat depth, accompanied by a graphical 2D interface, available with either the Cybelec Touch8 or ESA 630-2D controller and 3 Axes Configuration.
  • CNC press brake Model C offers a 12" stroke and a 20" throat depth, integrating a controller with a 2D/3D colored graphical big screen. Controller options include the Delem 58T, Cybelec 15T, or ESA875 3D CNC and 4 Axes Configuration
ALPMAC press brakes offers versatile axes configurations:
  • 3 Axes Configuration: Y1 (Left Cylinder), Y2 (Right Cylinder), X (Backgauge)
  • 4 Axes Configuration: Y1 (Left Cylinder) , Y2 (Right Cylinder), X (Backgauge), R (Backgauge Depth Adjustment)
  • 6 Axes Configuration: Y1 (Left Cylinder), Y2 (Right Cylinder), X (Backgauge), R (Backgauge Depth Adjustment),Z1 (Additional Backgauge Axis), Z2 (Additional Backgauge Axis)

Other notable features include:
  • Frame Construction: The steel frame is manufactured from certified raw material, designed to meet optimal deflection resistance criteria for design and analysis requirements.
  • Hydraulic Components: Precision-manufactured hydraulic cylinders and pistons from solid full material ensure durability and performance.
  • Hydraulic Block and Valve: High-quality components sourced from Germany.
  • Efficient Hydraulic Pump: ALPMAC press brakes feature a specialized hydraulic pump with high efficiency across low and high-pressure ranges.
  • Low Electricity Consumption: The hydraulic system is designed for energy efficiency.
  • Safety and Automation:
  • Automatically Reference: The press brake calculates pressing force based on material thickness, tooling, and safety checks.
  • Stroke Adjustment and Retraction: Automated features for precise bending.
  • Programmable Bending Speeds: Fast down and return speeds with controlled up functions.
  • Crowning Systems: Optional WILA manual or motorized crowning systems.
  • Bending Programs: Save, recall, and search bending programs based on various criteria.
  • Working Modes: Choose between full automatic and manual operation.
  • Linear Scale Holders: C-frame shape with linear scale holders compensates for body deflections.
  • Overload Alarm System: Electronically monitors load limits.
  • Hydraulic Maximum Limit Protection: Safety valve group ensures safe operation.
  • Unfolded Length Calculations: Automatically determines unfolded length based on material thickness, type, and tool features.
  • ALPMAC press brakes combine precision engineering with advanced technology for efficient and accurate metal bending processes.
  • CSA approved electric panel
CNC press brake - CNC press break
2 Axis NC Press Brake Machine
    • Promecam Punch holder
    • Mono block 4V Die
    • CE Certified
    • Safety Foot Pedal
    • Front Support Arms with T-Slot
    • CSA approved electric panel

    • 3 Axis control
    • CNC Controller
    • Special punch and dies
    press brake - press break
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