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Automatic Coldsaw

High Speed coldsaw : BMDO 100 XS (Ø4")
carbide cold saw | carbide saw | carbide slitting saw
Fully Automatic HIGH SPEED cold saw

3/8"- 3"
3/8"- 2"
13/16" - 4"
13/16" - 2 3/4"
13/16" - 5"
13/16" - 3" 9/16"
1 3/4" - 6"
1 3/4" - 4 5/16"
Standard Accessories:
  • Omron PLC Controller in this carbide cold saw allows programs for each materail to be saved
  • Job monitoring with cycle time, job duration, parts count, and tool life
  • this carbide saw controller includes Comprehensive steel grades menu with ability to add custom material grades
  • Bar feed features a material gripper feed carriage indexing via ball screw and AC servo drive
  • Heavy duty saw head is driven by ball screw and AC servo drive
  • Bar retracts automatically for contact free return stroke of the saw blade
  • this carbide slitting saw  comes with 20' automatic Bar Loader
  • PLC controlled, automatic oil lubrication of all moving parts
  • Output sorting in this carbide slitting cutter ensures trim cuts and remnant pieces are sorted automatically from good parts
  • Variable vise pressure control
  • Blade mist lubrication system to lubricate carbide tipped saw and sides
  • wired chip brush
  • Status indicating LED
  • Chip conveyor
  • Air cooled electric magnetic particle clutch
  • Built in hydraulic tank and power pack
high speed carbide cold saw BEKAMAK BMDO 100 XS CNC<br />
Automatic cold saw : BMDO 80CS and 100CS
automatic cold saw
Fully Automatic cold saw

13/16"- 3 1/8"
13/16"- 3 1/8"
13/16" - 4"
13/16" - 4"
  • Material feeding system controlled by servo motor
  • Heavy duty, helical gear and worm gear sets in gearbox
  • BMDO cold cut saw includes PLC controlled touch screen display
  • Servo motor controlled vertical cutting head with ball screw
  • Head descends on hardened linear guides
  • this cold cut metal chop saw comes with Back lash reduction to prolong blade life
  • multiple cutting lengths adjustments
  • Coolant pump and tank with box to collect chips
  • 20' Bundle loading magazine

fully automatic cold saw with automatic loader
Automatic cold cut saw : CT325 ( Ø 4" )
evolution cold cut saw
  • We designed this automatic cold saw to make large volumes of ripple-free cuts.
  • Accepts up to an 12.8” blade.
  • Non-mitering column head gives you a true 90° on every cut.
  • 3.8 hp motor of this metal cold cut off saw turns blade through its gear-driven head.
  • industrial-grade hydraulic system, which controls the vise.
  • this cold steel saw includes Automatic material feeding by servo motor, vise clamping, and cutting make the operator’s job easy.
  • Just set the length and number of pieces you want, put the material down, and walk away!
  • Simple control panel lets you determine the cut length and manage the automatic feeding system with touch screen interface.
  • Material feed system includes a floating vise that you can adjust in almost any way imaginable.
  • Vise allows for a maximum cut length of 77”, achieved through 3 strokes.
  • saw automatically makes a face cut to give you a clean first edge cold cut steel
  • Flood coolant system of this industrial metal cutting circular saw helps to extend blade life and make high-quality cuts
  • if you want a saw for steel cutting contact us.

Optional accessories
  • protection cover
automatic cold saw
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