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Bead Roller and Lock Former

Power Bead roller : Model HIBKS-IBKS-IKMP
bead roller | rotary machine
  • welded plate steel frame in IBKS and IKS bead roller models and cast iron in IKMP models
  • Industrial-grade gearbox comes with a brake to maintain accuracy. (not in IKSM Rotary machine )
  • Foot pedal controls leave your hands free to guide the material. You only need one operator to use sheet metal bead roller
    (IBKS and IKMP only)
  • Forward and reverse pedals help with delicate patterns that you want to go over.
  • metal bead roller comes with Movable steel plate depth stop to guide you and produce straight beads.
  • Top piston moves the top shaft vertically so that you can easily open it up and get the material in there(only in hydraulic models)
  • Includes 4 tooling profiles in IBKS2.5 and IBKS4 power bead roller and 8 tooling profile in IKMP , IKM and IKSM1.3 series
  • Cabinet built into the base offers convenient storage for tooling (IBKS only)
  • Adjustable depth on the bottom lets you get a custom profile by offsetting your rolls.
  • Disengage the black handle to push the shaft back and forth and get your offset.
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                    IBKS 2.5 Hydraulic rotary beading machine ( bead roller )<br />
                    Manual Rotary machine : Model IK-IKS-IKB-IKC-IKD
                    manual bead rolling machine
                        • 22-18 gauge mild steel capacity.
                        • Turn the manual crank to drive the rolls of this bead former
                        • rolling bead depth stop helps you make perfectly straight, repeatable beads.
                        • You can adjust the forming depth by bringing the top shaft of roller bead up and down.
                        • this mini bead roller Comes standard with roll set.
                        • shaft diameter will fit most roll sets on the market.
                        • Heavy electro-welded steel framework prevents flex and ensures accurate beads over a long lifetime of use.
                                    SAHINLER IK1.2 manual bead rolling machine<br />
                                    Pittsburgh lock former : EKM
                                    lockformer | pittsburgh lock machine
                                      • HVAC shops demand a lot out of their equipment, so when we developed the EKM Pittsburgh machine , they knew it had to be able to last.
                                      • The EKM Pittsburgh sheet metal forming machine is made from only the highest quality components which include an all steel forming head and hardened with ground shafts.
                                      • The steel forming rolls on this lock former are case hardened using matching cut gears and needle bearings throughout for years of use and abuse.
                                      • EKM is great for making Pittsburgh joints on sheet metal up to 18 gauge .
                                      • this pittsburgh lock forming machine Uses approximately 1" of material for each lock.
                                      • the EKM lock former machine has pocket depth ranges from 5/16" to 3/8", so material waste is kept to a minimum.
                                      • The EKM pittsburgh roll former also has other attachments available, each creating a unique joint.
                                      • These optional attachments are double seam, drive cleat, flange attachment, and right angle.
                                      • This do it all pittsburgh lock is a must in any shop.
                                                  EKM 12 PITTSBURGH LOCK FORMER<br />
                                                  Duct Flanging machine : DM
                                                  duct flanging machine
                                                    • user friendly duct flanging machine for HVAC industry
                                                    • hardened rolls
                                                    • duct flanger for sheets up to 18 gauge
                                                    • flange height 5/16" - 3/8"
                                                    • steel welded frame
                                                    • powered by gearbox
                                                    HVAC duct flanging machine
                                                    Duct beading machine : Z-1200 / Z-2000
                                                    Duct beader | duct beading machine
                                                      • user friendly sheet metal beading machine for HVAC industry
                                                      • hardened rolls
                                                      • adjustable distance of top and buttom rolls accroding to sheet thickness
                                                      • this duct beader has a steel welded frame
                                                      • powered by chain and gearbox
                                                      Seam closing machine : LS
                                                      seam closer | seam closing machine
                                                        • LS seam closer comes with Gearbox driven pinching system (LS13-P)
                                                        • easy operation by pneumatic pressing piston (LS13-P)
                                                        • pinching and rotation controlled by pedal
                                                        • hardened seam closing rolls
                                                        seam closing machine LS 13<br />
                                                        Elbow machine : BDM NC
                                                        Elbow machin
                                                          • Duct elbow machine with Welded Plate structure
                                                          • Hydraulic bending with push & clamp system
                                                          • Accurate elbow Bending with Custom Molds for each size
                                                          • bending angle between 10-100 degrees thanks to step-by-step bending
                                                          • process pipes up to 730mm depth
                                                          • 1 Elbow in 80 seconds with NC system
                                                          • suitable for Galvanized, Stainless, Aluminum and Mild Steel elbows
                                                          • Conforms to EU Safety Directives (CE Mark)
                                                          • Optional Clamp Molds
                                                          duct elbow making machine BDM 120-250 NC<br />
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