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Pipe and Tube notcher
Pipe and tube notcher : PN 17/90
  • Notches up to 6” OD tubing at 50° with standard mandrels.
  • Wide belt spins at 2800 RPM
  • Adjustable stop for repeatable parts during production runs.
  • Large degree dial to reference the degree of the notch.
  • Self-centering vise lets you switch between materials quickly and start the tube or pipe the proper position on the belt.
  • V-jaws of the vise tightly grip both light- and heavy-gauge tube.
  • Quick-release vice allows for efficient movement of material to ensure accuracy of the notch.
  • Smooth rail system, controlled by an industrial helm joint and a polished slide way, feed the material into the belt.
  • You can adjust belt tension with the convenient wheel.
  • comes with 7 standard mandrels in various sizes
  • Simple mandrel tooling system and quick-release vice save you valuable seconds and minutes on any project time.

Pipe notcher PN 60
  • Do you make 90° notches in schedule 40 pipe all day, every day? The PN 60 electric tubing notcher is just what you need to create fast and clean notches without any fuss.
  • This tubing notcher runs on 220-volt single-phase power.
  • Designed to notch schedule 40 pipe ranging from 0.25” to 2” in size.
  • Makes perfect 90° notches in seconds.
  • Easy to operate:
  • Just insert the end of the pipe you need to cope.
  • The PN60 electric pipe notcher will notch one side.
  • Rotate pipe 180° and reinsert to notch the other side.

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